Sarah Veyland
Sarah Veyland
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Sarah Veyland


An Invitation

Every day a hundred thousand moments pass by. People pass by. In other cars. On the bus. In the supermarket. On the street. At work. People who look like you. People who don’t. People who dress like you. People who don’t. You might accidentally catch their eye, but quickly glance away. Apologize even. We are taught not to stare or even look at strangers. But what would happen if you say hello? Go one step further, ask how their day is going. Answer honestly. Have a real conversation.

It's damn scary. I know. But it opens you up to a world you never imagined.

It is my job as a writer to provoke you. Provocation creates emotion. Emotion leads to empathy. Empathy provokes compassion. Compassion and empathy provoke change, provoke action.

I’m inviting you, provoking you, to reach out. Take somebody’s hand. See what happens.

These are my adventures in Reaching Out. I invite you to step inside, take a look around, and maybe have some adventures of your own.


Reach Out