An Invitation to Life: Stop Waiting. Start Living.

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About this Invitation

This is not another manifesto. Manifestos can be great. They can inspire you to action. Or they can make you feel like you're completely useless. Everyday, every hour another manifesto comes out telling you 'I've lived my life this way and it's great and so should you!' The truth of the matter is manifestos are not one size fits all. Only you know how to live your life. Not your mother. Not your father. Not your 3rd grade teacher. And certainly not some stranger on the internet. No. This is not a manifesto. 

This is an invitation. Your life is waiting. Find the one you've always dreamed of. And write your own manifesto.

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After Reading

Thanks for reading. Truly and sincerely thank you. Every reader means so much to me. I would love if you'd like to drop me a line. Give some feedback. Share your thoughts. And if you liked it, and know someone who would, too, please share it.

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Now What?

Well, get started. Start Living. Write your plan and do it. Feel free to reach out along the way.