Thank You

I was going to title this post 'Thanksgiving,' but my fingers typed something else instead. And I realized that 'Thank You' is the correct title for this post. Today reminds me that I owe a big thank you to so many people. 

This is the first time in four years that I am home spending Thanksgiving with my family. Spending time in the whirlwind that is my family is soothing like nothing else can be. In our home, dinners are loud, boisterous affairs. Everyone is talking. At once. Loudly. About everything. Asking questions. Not waiting for answers. In Russian. In English. In Hebrew. I can imagine nothing more comforting that an evening like this. I can think of no other place that I would rather be.

This visit to New York also has given me a chance to reconnect with good friends. I am incredibly lucky to have a network of friends spread out across the world. In any county I land in, there is someone there with open arms. Who knows me and loves me and is there to hold my hand. I cannot thank my friends enough for holding me together when I need their support. I cannot imagine a more loyal group of people around me.

For me personally, this is a time of transition and growth. This is a time to step back. To heal. To learn. To grow. To remember who I am. To understand what I want. To plan. And above all else stop running ahead of the train. 

And I have to say thank you to those people who are standing by my side through this process. Who have held me while I cried. Who have spoken softly. Who have listened to me rant but also listened to my fears. Who has sat up late in the night with me sharing our hearts.

I am incredibly thankful for this time. This time to re-calibrate and start fresh. I am excited for all the future will bring. There are so many good things on the horizon. I anticipate them. I do not want to rush them. They will come when they are ready and when I am ready I will enjoy the anticipation.

Above all else I am thankful for the people around me during this fragile time. The people who I know without a doubt will stand by my side until the world comes crashing down around us and then probably for a few hours after that.