I don't have much energy or brain power left at the end of the day to really put together a post. But I do want to share something. This poem was written last September. It was not really inspired by anything in particular. It just came to me and I needed to put it on paper. It seems appropriate to post it on a Wednesday.


Can you make it to Wednesday?


I will meet you in the stairwell if you can make it to Wednesday.


we will hide there.

for hours on end.

and time will not matter.

it won’t.

if we hold on.

til Wednesday.


time stands still.


on Wednesday.


in the stairwell

in the quiet half hidden shadows

we can take our time


on Wednesday


kiss slow


on Wednesday


it’s so close I can already feel you in my arms.


on Wednesday.


I wish I could give you more

all I can promise you is Wednesday.


But if I could

I would give you a thousand Wednesdays

all in a row


we wouldn’t have to worry

about secrets. or shadows. or stairwells

we could take our time.


I could enjoy your beauty in the light.

though I do confess…

you look beautiful in the half hidden shadows.

on Wednesday.

the way light and dark caress your skin


on Wednesday.


if we had a thousand Wednesdays

all in a row,

I would take each one to explore the light and shadows on your creamy skin.


but all I can promise you

is Wednesday.