Leap Year and Relativity

There are two things I would like to share today. One is a poem that I wrote some time ago. I believe it was last fall. Or perhaps when fall was turning into winter. The second is a spoken word poem by Miles Hodges that is quite fantastic. He is a very powerful poet. His poem, in some way, inspired mine. 


Whenever I listen to poetry, read poetry, it sparks something. Thoughts start turning. My brain starts to percolate. 

So after watching the above, this is what I wrote:


According to general relativity

and the way the Earth spins

my head is older than my feet

which must mean that my heart is a bit younger too

and this,


this explains a lot.


Why my feet tend to lead me off in the wrong direction

how easily I trip and fall

my head seems to have things all figured out

the rhythm, the movement, the steps to the ballet

but my feet

well, I guess they are just too inexperienced, too young, too bold

dashing off in front of the train at a moment's provocation

naively thinking they can win in a race

my feet look up at my head

and say, “maybe I am a bit naive, but maybe, just maybe, you're a bit too cynical”


why my heart seems so willing to keep giving chances

after my head knows that all the chances have been given and are gone

my heart knows the lyrics to every love song

the plot line to every trashy romance novel

it keeps holding out for the wild passionate affair with the white knight that the all the singers and song writers and poets promise will come


but my head, it knows that a practical love is more the thing

a love who remembers to call

even when it's just a regular Thursday night

he calls not to declare everlasting love

but to say “It's Thursday, and I remember you.”


my head gently reminds my heart not to be gambling on ponies and their riders

because those jockeys are a promiscuous lot

and they might be distracted by another damsel in distress on the way to pick you up


my head points out to my feet that running can become quite exhausting

just take a look at those tattered and worn out sneakers

full of holes

soles all worn

feet full of blisters

wouldn't it be nice to just relax a moment

instead of dashing off

see where the train may take us

enjoy the ride


my wild heart and runner's feet are younger than my head

by just a bit

for good or for bad

that is the way they will always be

they cannot catch up

or at least, I hope they never do