First Day

I'm on the road again. This time: Israel. First stop: Jerusalem. For the first time in fifteen years I am here again. Already I am brimming with emotions and impressions. It is a land unlike any other. So many sights, sounds, experiences to take in. Below are just a few glimpses into the first day. From departure out of Amsterdam to exploring Jerusalem. Including some great hats, beautiful views, local characters, and a delicious lunch!

Jerusalem is such a diverse city. So much diversity packed into one small space. 

I've always said that Moscow is a city of contrasts. But Moscow's contrasts seem to be a bit more spread out. There is a bit more room to breathe. Not a lot, but a bit. Also, the contrasts require a keen eye. You need to notice them. It's easy to overlook them when you are busy being overwhelmed by the power and speed of the city.

Jerusalem's contrasts can almost be suffocating. They really are densely packed into one tight space. Contrasting one practically on top of another. Moreover the contrasts smack you right in the face. You do not need to go looking for them. They are glaringly obvious even to the most unobservant person.

Jerusalem magnetizes and polarizes. It draws people from all over the world of all faiths and backgrounds. It brings them together to be right here. But it also can divide people who have very strong opinions.