And now here's some food

After two weeks away, I've landed back in my own kitchen, and I am enjoying some new experiments.

For lunch, I boiled celery root and winter carrot, then fried onions and peppers. I tossed it all in the blender, added salt, pepper, and basil which resulted in a fabulous puree soup. I was thrilled with the result.

To go along with the soup, I cut up some cucumbers and avocado. I also grabbed smoked salmon, splashed it with lemon juice, then found a hard boiled egg leftover from breakfast. A visit to one of my favorite places in Amsterdam, The Tea Bar, resulted in a pot of Cranberry Lime Punch tea.

Dinner this evening was on the simpler side. Diced chicken with mushrooms, bimi (also known as broccolini), and tomatoes. I seasoned with salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and ginger powder. Not as visually exciting, but it packed a very nice flavor punch.