Six Month Anniversary

The end of any long week deserves a celebration. Monday's disaster became Tuesday's determination which has resulted in Friday's exhaustion. Nevertheless, step by step I am moving forward. And so I bring to you the post that I meant to write on Monday, but didn't have the heart to publish after my disaster. It took me a little while to remember that all good things must be celebrated.

Cue the fireworks and the parade! And of course balloons and confetti. I missed it by a few days, but no matter. It has been just over six months (six months and 13 days to be precise, so almost six and a half months) since I published my first post here. So much has happened in these six months, it is beyond comprehension. I've written from five different countries, from airplanes and airports,  from big cities and small towns. And in that time, my writing and this website have been a constant thread through it all. Through ups and downs. Good times and bad. In the last six months, I have turned to my writing and this online space. A refuge of sorts.

I recently expressed some frustration to a friend, sharing that I had the desire to study writing and literature full time. Do nothing but writer and read and learn and improve my craft. This dear friend reminded me that sometimes one small step at a time can take us much further than long strides. One small step after another. Looking back at the last six months, I can absolutely see that he is right. In the last six months, I have cultivated the time and energy I need to focus on writing in a small way everyday. And that is something that was not true before. Moreover I am actively seeking out the resources I need to improve. Because I have limited time in my day to focus on the art of writing, I put more energy and intention into that small lot of time.

In these six months, 415 people have looked at something or other on this page. Which is small in internet terms. Very far from going viral or 'breaking the internet.' But for me that means that 415 people took a moment out of their day to look at what I write. 415 people who had previously (probably) never read anything I have written before. Perhaps some of those 415 didn't even know who I was before. And maybe some of them even enjoyed my work. So thank you dear readers. Thank you for accompanying me on my journey. I appreciate each and every one of you.

To celebrate, here are some pictures of confetti that I have taken along my travels. Because yes, I take pictures of confetti at every opportunity.