The Rituals of Time Travel

There are certain rituals to time travel
every frequent flyer will tell you so
everyone has their own
and it begins at the pre-flight check

I observe my rituals.

Passport. Wallet. Keys. Phone.
The hurdles of security
touching the plane as you step in

And then

as the plane hurdles through the air at
unknowable miles per hour,
I observe my rituals

my watch winds down
towards zero or morning
as we fly back in time
re-living the same day over and over

I sit and wind
six, five, four, three, two, one
New York
another three, two, one

or forwards in time
hopping, skipping, losing hours of my day
plus one, two

Losing time, gaining time

I observe my rituals
Phone SIM card switch
MTC? T-Mobile? Vodaphone?
Call the Operator

Call Home
Call E.T.
Call me in the morning


I wake up
Open my eyes
only from the time
do I know where I am