I wonder, I wish

This was actually my first very visceral reaction to the news I woke up to on Saturday morning. I refrained from posting this because I thought it may be too much. But on second thought, maybe it is not enough. 

I wish
they would stop doing this shit
I wish
there were fewer reasons to cry

I wonder
when the world will stop reacting with hatred
and instead react with love

I wonder
about the dreams of our fathers
for surely it was not this
the places they would have gone
the world they would have built us
and the rising sun

I wonder
about the fears of our mothers
and the commitment to send off their sons
I wonder
about the love for their daughters
and a gift that is now gone

There is no G-d in these actions
You cannot invoke His name

The world is upside down now
I cannot bear to watch
But bear witness we must

Open our eyes to all before us
Stand firm
We will take this no more
Let not these screams be in vain

In the opening of this poem, I invoke a favorite quote from Former President George W. Bush, who did not realize his mike was on and said, "What they need to do is get... Hezbollah to stop doing this shit..." This can be seen on the video here at 58 seconds in.

Poetry, MindfulSarah