Be grateful for those moments between breaths

when you laugh so hard
tears stream down your face
and you cannot catch your breathe

when a friend of 22 seconds or 22 years
or any amount in between
is sublimely happy

when those same friends
have your back
no matter what
to the death

when my nephew looks at me and smiles
and it damn well takes my breathe away

when I hold him in my arms
tell him stories
until I run out of breath

when little girls grow up to tell me stories
in return for all the ones I told them

when aunts and uncles and cousins
are looking out for me
even when they know I'm wrong
especially when they know I'm wrong

when parents have faith in my abilities
and let me fly

gasping in pleasure, delight, joy
when love chokes us up

when you feel like you're falling
your breathe catches in your throat
and a hand steadies your way
you can breathe again