She’s a chill double vodka straight up, no ice
She’s not tough as nails
But cuts through like a diamond
Nothing namby pamby about this girl

She doesn't know how to tell a story that is the shortest distance between two points.
Somehow all her plots seem to wander off before arriving home.

She’ll set you on fire
Before putting you out
She’ll enflame you, enrage you
Then cool you and soothe you.

She’s a five alarm fire waiting to be lit
She’s a bomb with the fuse winding down

This one is not for the faint of heart
She cannot tread lightly
Nor will she try

A Johhny Fix it of the corporate world
She can fix whatever she breaks…

She dares more than most
And knows some lines were meant to be crossed

She will never stop pushing
For what she wants
And deserves

Who she really is
Keeps surprising everyone
Including herself