Waiting. We are all waiting for something. Waiting for the sun to rise, the rain to stop, for spring, to find love, the next travel opportunity, the end of the work day, or just the nurse to finally call your name so you can get that pesky check up over with. But honestly, this is a waste of fucking time. It makes no sense whatsoever. Waiting for something else means you are ignoring the here and now. There may be something awesome right there in front of you that you cannot see. That you have closed your eyes to. That you are missing out on. Waiting is a destructive habit that we all fall victim to. Stopping isn't easy. But when you do, you'd be surprised. I was surprised. 

If you're stuck in waiting mode you miss out on the beauty of the night, of raindrops and how stars reflect in puddles, of winter and snowflakes dancing, of embracing and loving yourself, of the city you live in, the accomplishments of the work day, and the fantastic magazines every doctor's office seems to have. All of these things are equally beautiful as what you are waiting for. Ignore them at your own peril. Don't lose out on the present moment. Don't lose out on the beauty right in front of you.

Waiting isn't living, it's putting your life on hold.

I dare you to stop waiting, and start living, Find out what happens.