Bits and Pieces on Weather

I thought I would share what I've been working on. The Dutch weather has been heavy on my mind recently. It's some of the most fickle I have ever seen. It is utterly bizarre. Snow and lightning. Snow or rain with sunshine. Hail with sunshine. Rain with hail. Snow with hail. Gale force winds. Frozen fog. It all changes minute to minute. 

I've been trying to write about it. Put together a piece about it, but have been struggling. Here are a few bits and pieces about Amsterdam weather. There isn't a real flow or connection between them. Still trying to sort it all out.

I hold my arms out
Palms up, open
Open to the sky
Open to life
Waiting to receive the blessing of the rain
The rain in Amsterdam
Icy raindrops on my face
Kisses from the sky
Only in this place
Can raindrops feel like home
But it will not stop there
It comes and comes
It leaves you cold and broken and drained
A selfish lover wanting every last piece of you

I watch the weather in Amsterdam change
Minute to minute
Hour to hour
Day to day
It changes like
A temperamental lover
Like the emotions change over a person’s face

Dawn in Amsterdam is not an easy thing
From blackest, blackest night
To a blueish glow
Day tries to shrug off night
This is not an easy trick
We are left with a greyish fog

Also an excerpt from Sylvie about the Dutch fog:

As the rain abated, the fog descended. Amsterdam was good at that. Changing the weather on you in a moment’s notice. The fog embraced the city in a stranglehold, as if it were a child that did not understand how to gently hug a friend.