And she can cook too

For the first time in a long while, I was inspired to cook. To really cook. Not just a bit. But a lot. Everything. Appetizers. Bake. Fish. The whole enchilada. But not actually enchiladas. My father was coming to town after a week on the road. Also I invited a close family friend. So I was hosting a family meal for three. Cozy. Warm. At home. 

The Menu:

  • Appetizers (paired with red wine: Imperial Gran Reserva)
    • Peppers, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes to dip in Hummus
    • Jamon from direct from Spain (that my father brought along)
    • Edamame
  • First Course
    • Chicken Soup
  • Main Course (paired with white wine, a sparkling light wine that my friend brought whose name escapes me)
    • Cod with Provencal sauce baked in parchment paper
    • Side salad of cherry tomato chick pea salad
  • Dessert (served with tea and wine as per the guest's choice)
    • Gluten free cookies baked with almond flour containing no egg
    • Grapes, Strawberries

All this was made by yours truly with recipes from The Food Evolution and Green Lite Bites. Everything was thought through to be delicious, nutritious, and made with love. Just the volume ended up being a bit much for three people. Pictures below of everything (including flowers from my dear friend) but not the salad, as I forgot to capture it.

The leftover made for a fantastic lunch today in the office.