Unexpected Hiatus

I spent a month and a half living and working in the U.S. This was the longest stay I have had there in 4.5 years. During this time, my attention and creative energy flowed in different directions. While I was in such close proximity to family, my spare time was devoted to them rather than to writing. This was a time of in-gathering for me. In-gathering of material and of a certain type of energy.

In order to have output, one must have input. Ideally, these two things are in balance. However, sometimes they are not. For a month and a half, I had a most wonderful time of immersion. I needed this time to take everything in. I absorbed the places, people, sights, sounds, and feelings around me. Life lived full throttle. Lessons learned. Gratitude. Always gratitude. Big events. Quiet Moments. Tears of Joy. Tears of Sorrow. Laughter. Happiness. Love.

The pace of my schedule will not slow down any time soon. The trick will be to continue writing, continue creative pursuits, while balancing daily responsibilities and travel.

These are some thoughts that have been percolating:

I do not have the answers I thought I would by now. I am beginning to understand that to some questions there are no answers, to others I do not wish to have the answers – life is better without them.

A list of things I know to be true:

My mother’s chicken soup can cure anything from a broken leg to a broken heart.

A story does not have to be the shortest distance between two points.

Geography is many things, but never an obstacle.

When little girls blink against your skin, it’s nothing less than butterfly wings.

Magic is real. Never stop believing in it.

Some experiences cannot be written about, photographed, or captured in any tangible way. One must immerse in them, and then leave them alone.

Women inevitably alter their shape, or try to anyway.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is ever 100% certain, but it doesn’t need to be.

Home is a relative term. It’s more about the people than the place.

Most conflicts, most problems, come down to selfishness. Put yourself aside, find out what others need first. The rest will follow.

Each day will bring a new challenge. Each day I will overcome that challenge.

I can make my life and myself into whatever I want.

Never settle for less.