My website is just over a year old. In that year, I made 17 posts that were tagged under the category 'beginnings.' I am certain that those 17 beginnings were just a fraction of the beginnings I made in the last year.

The greatest thing we get to do as humans, is re-make ourselves over and over again. Loving someone is letting them make mistakes and re-make themselves as many times as they need. Any relationship - familial, romantic, fraternal, professional, platonic - needs space for this to occur. 

Today, on my birthday, I make yet another beginning - a new year.  A new year to continue to learn who I am, to learn from my mistakes, to learn how not to make them in the first place. 

We must have the courage and the strength to be born into each moment anew, afresh, to bring nothing from the past into this moment. It does not belong here. It does not exist here. We must have the kindness, generosity, and grace not to drag the past of other's into this moment. It also does not belong here. It also does not exist here. There is almost a sort of violence committed in projecting someone's past onto the present moment. 

I can only imagine how beautiful the world could be if we allowed ourselves, others, countries, states, a new beginning every time we needed one rather than condemn one another for mistakes.

Perhaps that is a bit of a utopian pipe dream. But, today, on my birthday, I think I'm allowed.

Every day is a beginning, every hour, every moment, every breath.