Dear Nephew

Dear Nephew,

            This world is a broken one
            and you so fragile in it

            you open your eyes
            your ever changing beautiful eyes
            and look up at me
            your gaze locks onto mine

            total faith
            total trust
           innocent and pure

            I want to reach out
            shake this world by its tail
            for you

           tell them
           our children deserve better
           the unclear path forward
           we have left them

           car bombs and death threats
           the wars of our fathers
           everyone seems to
           have a finger on the trigger

           avarice and greed
           pollution and smoke

           a planet
           and a people
           we cannot seem to stop harming           

           you look at me
           total trust in your eyes
           pure, untainted eyes
           as of yet untouched

           how can I bear to show you this world
           broken as it is
           how can I fix it for you?

PoetrySarahNephew, Love