Leap Year - An Extra Day to Live

I've already written a post about Leap Year (www.sarahveyland.com/blog/2014/8/27/leap-year-and-relativity). But the concept continues to fascinate me: What if we really did have an extra day to live this year? How would you spend it?

Perhaps you would spend it like any other Monday. Wake up. Make coffee. Go to work. Put in your 8 hours. Come home. Eat dinner. Watch TV. Go to sleep.

I'm scared of days blurring together
until I forget what the hell I'm supposed to be doing.
I'm scared I'll be buried
in routine
dig my own grave
with the accumulation of its dust.
The pages of the calendar fly off with alarming frequency.
They pile at my feet.
Surrounding them.
Cementing them. 

I cannot fathom a life unlived. 

This gift of an extra day should not be left to routine.

Wake up. Throw a party. Thank God you're alive. For this gift of an extra day. 
Wake up. Make love.
Wake up. Call home.
Wake up. Remember the people who love you. 

Wake up.
Remember those dreams you always dreamed about.
The ones covered in cobwebs in the recesses of your mind
Do not get so lost in routine that you forget to dream them
forget to chase them

This is your extra day to live.
This is your life to live.

And of course, here is my favorite Leap Year themed poem: