Warning! You May Die While Reading This

If you're reading this on your phone, you may want to sit down. Particularly if you're a woman under the age of 40.

We've all seen the campaigns about the dangers of texting and driving. We all know how dangerous it can be to be on the phone while driving. But have you ever stopped to consider the dangers of texting and walking?

According to the National Safety Council in the U.S., the chances of dying due to a 'pedestrian incident' is 1 in 672. That's more likely than a motorcycle death, drowning, fire related death, choking, gun related death, and plane crash death. (Source).

Here are the stats: 52% of cell phone related injuries happen at home. 68% of them to women. 54% of them to people under 40. The jist of it being, a woman under 40 is more likely to be injured at home while on her phone (Source). But don't relax if you don't fit this demographic. The study from the National Safety Council put all age groups at risk.

The fact that the National Safety Council even has to track cell phone related walking injuries indicates this is a serious and frightening phenomenon. That's just inside the home!

Going outside makes things even more dangerous. Ever darted across the road without looking? You're not alone. You're lucky you survived. 23% of all accidents where a pedestrian is hit by a car are due to the pedestrian dashing into the street without looking. 

Cell phones distract us from our everyday lives. Even when we're not behind the wheel. So for heaven's sake, put down the phone. You'll be safer for it.

And who knows? You may notice something in your neighborhood you've never seen before - a beautiful garden or a new friend.