What is Life Without a Little Whimsy?

If you ever watch a child play, they do so without thought of logic. Children don't care about appearances or guile. A child doesn't think, "Will this make me look stupid?" Children do what they do because it's fun. Or it feels right. A child will spin in circles, round and round, for the sheer joy of it.

Granted a child's play is also about exploring their world and learning their limits. But there is no conscious thought "I'm going to spin in circles until I fall over to find out just how long I can spin in circles. That way I can learn these things called gravity, balance, and centrifugal force." All a child thinks is, "WHEEEEE!" If there are thoughts at all.

As adults we lose that sense of fun for the sake of fun. Of whimsy. We feel every action requires logic and purpose. Why Should it? Why not do something just because it feels right? 

Fun has the opposite effect on adults. Rather than teaching us limits, it reminds us that the limits are not so close as we have placed them. That our boundaries of behavior are not so strict as we think they are.

What's the point of life if we can't have a little whimsy?

Without whimsy we have no hope.