Does This Phone Make My Butt Big?

This weekend I did something that may shock you.

On Friday evening, I turned off my phone.

On Saturday, I left the house without it.

Why would anyone do something so bizarre?

Ringxiety. Fauxcellarm. Phantom Vibrations. Phantom Ringing.

It goes by different names, but we've all experienced it. That feeling that your phone is ringing when it's not. That vibration sensation when your phone isn't even in your pocket. The studies have varying results. Rates of anywhere from 27.4% to 89% of cell phone users reporting some sort of phantom ring or vibration (source). But most of us have had that feeling, thinking that we're getting a call or text. You whip out your phone. No messages.

We become so attached to our devices that they rule our lives. Instead of my phone being a communication tool that I use. I become a slave to my phone. Answering every ping, beep, and ring. I focus on the screen instead of what I'm doing.  It is my intention to break free.

On Saturday, I spent the day ambling around, talking to people I met along the way, asking for directions, and enjoying the sights, smells, sounds around me. I had no idea what time it was or where I was. I let my feet lead the way. In the afternoon, I curled up in the sunshine with a good book.

To make this whole ringxiety even worse, it's making us gain weight. When we are distracted while eating, we eat 10% calories more at that meal and then eat 25% more calories at the next meal (source).

Here is my challenge to you - the Cell Phone Diet. Can you go an entire meal without checking your phone?

The Rules:

  • At the beginning of the meal silence your phone and put it away.
  • Then for the duration of the meal do not check for calls, emails, texts, or Facebook updates.
  • Do not take pictures of your food (or anything else) and upload them to Instagram.
  • Do not take out your phone to Google something that comes up in conversation.
  • Do not check the time on your phone.
  • If you can't handle this, turn it off and put it away. Give it to someone else to hold. Leave it in your car.
  • Do talk to the person you're eating with and/or the people around you.
  • Do look at the person you're eating with.
  • Do taste your food and enjoy it.
  • Do look at your food.

Tweet the Challenge.

Challenge your friends. The first one to pull out their phone during a meal has to cover the check.