Hide and Seek

This week I missed my Monday post. I was too busy to write. I was occupied by a high priority activity. Something that I could not be pulled away from. I was 100% engaged. What could possibily be so important, you ask?

Hide and Seek. 

The children of dear friends came to visit me in my hotel room. We spent all afternoon in a room of maybe 30 square meters (320 square feet). I had no toys, video games, or distractions. We had only our imaginations to entertain. They asked to play Hide and Seek. I looked around the small space. I was not certain where we could possibly hide, but agreed.

A little imagination, creativity, childishness, and absurdity goes a long way.

We hid in the bathtub, under the desk, and under the bed. We hid behind curtains, behind closed bathroom doors, and in the closet. We hid under bed covers, behind floor lamps, and behind chairs. I got stuck under the sink. It was worth the gales of laughter. A few times I really managed to confuse them, they couldn't tell where I had gone. 

Children know an elemental truth that we adults quickly forget. Not everything has to make sense. Not everything has to be so serious. A grown woman can hide behind a floor lamp or a child can hide under bed covers. Both are totally obvious and utterly hystercial. 

Adults need to remind children that it is okay to play. Even as a grownup. Too often I see children playing and adults on the sidelines. This sends children a serious message that at a certain age they will have to stop having fun. That adults are serious creatures. 

Play is an important part of life at any age. Joy and laughter are vital medicine. If you want to get scientific about it laughter stretchs muscles in the face and body, elevates the pulse and blood pressure, and sends more oxygen to the tissues. 10-15 minutes of laughter burns 50 calories. Some studies even show that laughter boosts infection-fighting antibodies in the body and boosts the immune cells. It may even lower blood sugar. (Source).

So even if you don't want to play for it's own sake, then do it for your health.

I believe it's time for another Can You Change Challenge: Play. Do something fun just for it. Just for the sake of it. Something that makes no sense. Do it just because you enjoy it. Jump on the bed. Dance. Spin in circles. Lay in a field and stare and puffy white clouds. Go star gazing. Do something that brings you joy. Remember what that feels like.

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