Reconnect - The Results

On Monday I sent out a reconnection challenge. I challenged myself. I challenged you. If you missed it, check it out here.

When I posted it, it was just as much a challenge to get myself to change as it was to inspire others.

It's scary writing a message to someone you haven't seen or spoken to in years. It's scarier when they reached out, and you haven't kept up your end of there bargain - keeping up the conversation. It's awkward finding the right words to say.

The truth it's that there are no wrong words. The truth is that a friend is always happy to hear from you if they are a friend. 

So I swallowed all those tumultuous emotions. All the fear, anxiety, and awkward self-consciousness. I wrote the email. I put into it all the positivity, excitement, and hope I had about getting back in contact. Within a couple days, I got a response. Now we're making plans to meet in person. All the turmoil was for nothing. Our friendship is growing anew as we catch up and reminisce.

And honestly, when you reach out like this, what's the worst that could happen? They don't respond. That merely means that it was not meant to be in that particular moment. Maybe they'll come back to you in the future when you least expect it. 

But it is vital to try. We cannot loose sight of each other. The people who knew you when you were young know the purest version of you. The version of you that didn't worry about the bills, or mortgages, or politics, or global affairs, or the economy, or your children's futures. Your childhood friends know the version of you that only worried about playing pretend, laughing, running, jumping, and fun. You can email each other and laugh about it. When you're together you can remember and regress a bit. You can laugh and reconnect to the purest part of yourself.