Two Fridays ago I got on a plane in the morning with every intention of having lunch with my mother after a short flight. The French Air Traffic Controllers had other ideas. They decided to go on strike. Instead of a short flight and lunch with my mother. I had an extended stay in the airplane and lunch onboard while waiting for takeoff. 

The original definition of disappointment was to be deprived of an appointment. That Friday I was exactly that - deprived of an appointment. 

I could have allowed the unpleasant circumstances to derail my day. To allow my frustration to cloud any pleasure and enjoyment of eventually arriving to my destination and seeing family and friends.

Sadness, frustration, and disappointment are caused by one fundamental factor. They all boil down to resistance to the truth. If I do not like the truth of my situation - namely being stuck in an airplane for 4 hours and missing out on lunch - that is when negative emotions set in. The more resistance, the more negativity, the more miserable I become. 

Are you resisting something in your life? Are you resisting some piece of truth? Take a look, and maybe you can let go. Maybe you can find more enjoyment in your daily life.