Today is my nephew's first birthday. I cannot believe one year has already passed since he was born. For the past year it has been my priviledge and honor to watch him grow and begin to discover the world.

I've learned so much from him.

  • Laugh. Laugh whenever you can. Anything and everything can be funny. Fake laughs are fun, too.
  • Dance.
  • Sing.
  • Yell. Yell as loud as you can.
    • In short, express yourself. Express all of your emotions.
  • Know what you want. Never settle for less. Never trade for something you don't really want. Determination is key.
  • If you look carefully, there is something fascinating about everything. Take the time to look closely. Explore the world around you. There is so much to see. Look carefully.
  • Trust. Trust the people around you. Don't be afraid to put your trust in those around you. They will hold your hand.
  • Don't be afraid to fall. It'll hurt, but you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start again. Moreover, there's always a helping hand to soothe the hurts.
  • Love. I didn't really understand what love is until my nephew was born. He taught me what it really means to love.

We think we have so much to teach children. But really they have so much to teach us.