Today is my twenty-eighth birthday.

As this birthday approached, I found myself contemplating the seven year cycle. Our bodies are under constant construction, repair, and renewal. Cells break down and are replaced. Just an example of this - red blood cells travel 1,000 miles through the body's circulatory system, take quite a beating, and are destroyed after an average of 120 days. The entire process to remove all the destroyed cells in the body and replace every single one takes about seven to ten years depending on the person. So in essence, every seven years the body replaces itself (source).

Many people believe a spiritual renewal as well as a physical renewal happens every seven years. It is said that significant changes occur and large shifts in life happen as one seven year period ends and a new one begins.

I am not the same person today on my twenty-eighth birthday as I was seven years ago. The lessons of the last seven years have been huge, intense, and impactful. Not all of them were pleasant. Not all of them were easy. But every single one of them was beautiful, poignant, important, necessary. I am grateful for every single one. Even the ones that made me cry. Especially the ones that made me cry.

As I step forward into the next seven year cycle, I am proud and excited. I am proud of the person I am shaping myself into. I am excited about what the next days and months will bring. I find myself open and curious to where the journey will flow.

But more than that, I am grateful. My journey of the last seven years has brought into my life the most amazing people. Each one beautiful in their own way. Each one has taught me something and enriched me in their unique way. 

It is now time to begin again - a new day, a new chapter, a new life, and the next seven years. Welcome. I am ready to greet you with my whole heart.