Apology for Absence and a New Approach

I've been absent from this space for a long time. Four months. I apologize. I was trying to reconcile the changes I was making in myself with the content I was producing here. I felt in some ways the content I was producing wasn't exactly true to me. It was more like Om new age bullshit. I was spouting what I thought people wanted to hear. Yes, I believe in meditation. Yes, I believe in living in the moment. Yes, I believe in the power of yoga. No, I don't think anyone wants it shoved down their throats.

So for that I sincerely apologize.

I'm going to do something different now. I'm just going to write as me. I'm going to do the same thing I do when I'm with a friend, with someone I care about. I'm going to tell you about the books I'm reading, the yoga I'm practicing, the tough shit I'm facing, all of it. Well maybe not all of it. But I want to be excited. And I am excited. I want to share here the great new book I read, why it's life changing, and why everyone should read it. Or the fantastic yoga video I found. Or the experience of traveling somewhere I've never been. Or somewhere I've been one thousand times before. I'm going to share my excitement with you the same way I do with the people I care about. When I care about someone, and find something new and wonderful, I spend a great deal of energy convincing them they should also experience this new, wonderful thing.

I want to share that with you, too, reader. Because, dear reader, I do care about you. I care about you because you have taken the time to read my words. And that means more to me than I can possibly say.

Another aspect of my absence has to do what was happening politically in the country of my birth as well as around the world. I was doing my best to refrain from commenting on it. I have a great deal to say. But did not want to make this space about political commentary. Nor did I wish to get dragged into a conversation that I was not ready to have. So I've avoided it altogether as best I could for the last four months. I'm still not quite ready speak about it. But I do have a lot to say. I hope to find the right words soon. You will be, of course, the first to know.

So again, I apologize, for my absence. And I look forward to beginning anew. This post is accompanied by a picture of flowers because apologies are best done with flowers.

Here's a song by Mike Posner very apropos of this topic. I'm going to be as I am.